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Title: Fulfilling the Prophecy  part 2
Author: Pook
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Rating: R - for swearing only
Summary: For Audabee's birthday - a Macguffin driven long epic tale about our trusty crew as they return to the AQ

Character/Pairing: Janeway/Chakotay
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Author’s Notes: None.
Prompt Number for fic101:  list 2 - 5 - beautiful
Disclaimer: CBS/Paramount owns everything. No infringement intended.
Date: 13/8/07

“This is Derryn Hynch of FNN interrupting our regular programming with a news flash. Starfleet has just announced that the long lost USS Voyager is back in Federation territory. The details are sketchy. Starfleet aren’t saying much except they’re still two weeks from Earth. Admiral Paris of the Pathfinder Program will be issuing a statement in thirty minutes. Alan Jones will be covering that statement from San Francisco. Admiral Paris’s own son, Lieutenant Tom Paris is the chief helm officer on board…”


Spitting out his Klingon beer, Toral couldn’t believe it. The FNN had just reported Voyager was in Federation space. Perhaps his fortunes were changing after all. He immediately knew what he had to do, how to do it and he knew just who could help him, and fast.


He accessed his computer and set about contacting his ‘friends’. He still cursed his aunts at every opportunity but now he also thanked them for setting up his secret accounts. Soon he would have no need of this secret cache of credits. He’d have more than enough power and prestige.




USS Voyager, Alpha shift.



“Chakotay to Janeway.”


“Go ahead, Commander.” Grateful for the interruption, Kathryn put down the circuit board and wiped her brow. It was hot in the Jeffries tube.


“Captain Rolton is calling. I’m transferring it now.”


“Thank you, Chakotay.”


“Rolton to Janeway,” the captain of the Dundas said.


“Go ahead, Captain.” Kathryn waved her hand toward her two assistants, Ensign Tabor and Crewman Gilmore, indicating for them to take a break as well.


Marla Gilmore sat back against the wall of the tube also grateful for the respite. She took a swig from the canteen before handing it over to Tabor Nil.


“A civilian cargo ship has just reported engine and life support failure. It’s six hours away. We’ll be back when we can,” Rolton explained almost apologetically.


Janeway knew that the long-range sensors were still offline. They’d only partially restored their short-range scanners but they were extremely limited. She was down in a Jeffries tube repairing the long-range sensor relay connectors.


With B’Elanna out of action, the captain had been acting as the chief engineer. “Understood, Captain. We’ve coped for seven years by ourselves. I think we’ll be all right.”


“We’ll return when we can, Captain.”


“Very well, Captain. Voyager out.” Kathryn took a drink from the canteen then contacted the bridge. “Janeway to Chakotay.”


“Chakotay here, Captain.”


“The Dundas will be leaving now to respond to a distress call. All stop until we have short-range scanners back on line. That should be in approximately six hours.” It wasn’t a hard decision although a disappointing one. It would delay their return by half a day or more but Voyager was still practically blind. They’d been relying on the Dundas for sensor readouts and flying behind them at full impulse. It wasn’t safe to travel on sensors.


“Aye, Captain. All stop.” Chakotay smiled to himself. He swore he could hear the groans all the way from deck fifteen. More delays in their return.


“Chakotay, I’ll see you in a few hours for lunch.”


“Aye, Captain. Chakotay out.”






A figure all dressed in a black stealthy commando suit materialized in a Jeffries tube on deck three. Wasting no time, he silently crept toward his objective.


He scanned the room. His heads up display received the telemetry and confirmed the location. The quarters were empty. He’d taken advantage of Voyager’s extensive damage. They wouldn’t be able to detect him or his advanced transporter system.


He moved back toward to the emergency access point that each room had in a Starfleet vessel. He placed his sensor blocker on the door then opened the door. He’d paid the Ferengi handsomely for this piece of technology that would fool the computer sensors tricking them in to thinking that the door was still closed when it wasn’t.


He opened the door and entered the living room.  Wasting no time, he began to search the living room. He looked through the bookcase and all the objects on display on the tables around the room. There were some Terran objects and books but most of them appeared to be from the Delta Quadrant. He’d never seen things like them. There were statues, rocks, and even a very nice blue stone necklace. He pocketed that item for himself.


The object wasn’t in the living room.


The only think he could find that was Klingon was a small old book of the Sacred Scrolls. He flicked through the ancient tome. It was written in the ancient Klingon script that he couldn’t read. Kohlar must have given the old book as a parting gift to Janeway along with the most sacred relic for a Klingon. Putting it back, he sneered at the thought of how stupid the crew of the Kotar believing that a half-bred Klingon could be the next Kahless type figure. They’d deserved to be dying on some nameless planet so far away from Qo’noS.


After quickly scanning the bathroom, he moved into the bedroom and began searching through the bedside cupboards. All he found were endless padds and personal items such as hairbrushes, toiletries, and undergarments, both female and male. He barely raised an eyebrow. Since announcing Voyager’s return, the more sensational media outlets were having a field day over who was with whom. Looking at the picture of the captain and the first officer in civilian dress hugging one another, most of the media outlets had got it right.


But he wasn’t here for gossip. 


His frustration was mounting. All his research had said that starship captains kept gifts in their quarters, usually on display but not Captain Janeway.


The final place left to search was the wardrobe. He opened the door and looked at the neat rows of uniforms and civilian dress, both female and male. He looked in between the rows of clothes for any boxes, anything that might store the dagger. He was about to head back to the Jeffries tube when he heard the main door swish open.


He crept into the wardrobe and silently closed the door. His heads up display automatically switched to a night vision configuration allowing him to see in the dark. He quietly took out his phaser and set it for heavy stun. With luck, the internal sensors wouldn’t pick up the phaser discharge if he needed to stun them and he could make his escape if discovered.


He heard steps come into the bedroom. He held his breath.


“I’ll just wash my hands.” Kathryn walked into the bathroom after throwing her jacket on the bed. Kathryn’s hands were covered in grime from repairing the sensor grid. They still had another three to hours of work to go before they would have the forward array operational and then they could safely move.


Sandwich and a coffee?” Chakotay asked from the doorway.


“Yes, thanks. I’ll be right out.” Kathryn ran her hands through the sonic washer. The grime disappeared in seconds. She applied a barrier cream, massaging it in well. They needed it. Her hands were roughed up with skin missing from a two knuckles and a couple of nails broken from the work. She smiled to herself because in a few weeks she could have a real manicure.


Toral breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the captain walked out of bathroom and into the living room. For the next fifteen minutes, he had to endure the cramped conditions of the wardrobe as they had their meal. He also had to endure their seemingly endless small talk. Klingons did not engage in small talk.


While waiting, he thought about what he could do if he couldn’t find the dagger in her quarters. He thought about where she would store it. It would be either in her ready room or one of the cargo bays. He accessed Voyager’s schematics. Cargo bay one was on deck ten. Cargo bay two was one deck down and the Ready room was two decks up. He probably could beam undetected into all three of those locations.


He held his breath again as he heard them come into the bedroom.


Chakotay ran his hands over her bare arms.


She sighed, feeling his wonderful hands roam up and down her arms. She put her hands on his hips and kissed him. Her hands moved from his hips over his back and through his hair as their kiss deepened.


Groaning, he cupped her bottom, pulling her against his growing arousal.


Kathryn responded by tilting her hips toward him, grinding, rotating, her own arousal building as their tongues danced together.


Chakotay kissed and gently nibbled his way down her throat while kneading her breasts, tweaking her nipples through her skivvy material. He felt her hands working along his hardening length, squeezing, rubbing, and stroking driving him even wilder.


Damn! Oh how she wanted to make love with him but there was no time. She stopped his hand as it moved down towards her crotch. “Hmm… Chakotay. We can’t.” As much as she wanted to continue this, she still had work to do and Chakotay had to get back up to the bridge. She kissed him once more before stepping back. “Later, my love.”


Chakotay smiled, understanding but wondering how was he going to be able to concentrate for the rest of his shift? He had no idea. With a wicked grin, he eyed her up and down. “Later.” he repeated. He watched her brush her hair and smooth down her skivvy. She was beautiful, smart, compassionate, and everything else he liked, and she was his. He laughed. It was more likely that he was hers. “I love you, my Kathryn.”


Kathryn couldn’t get enough of him saying that and the way he sung her name. It made her feel so loved and she was looking forward to a lifetime of him saying that to her. She put her hand on his chest. “Chakotay, I love you, too.”


“I know. We better go.”


“I’m going back to finish the sensor control relays on deck ten. The internal scanners will back on line in an hour. The short-range scanners should be fixed in three hours and then we should be able to get under way again.” She grabbed her jacket from the bed and put it on as they walked out of their bedroom.


“Okay. I’ll see you in few hours.”


Kahless! Toral thought. He wasn’t sure he could’ve endured the sounds of them slurping and slobbering as they kissed and their sickly words of love anymore. If they were Klingons, the male would’ve taken her there and then and said ‘to Gre'thor with duty’. Humans talked too much. He was thankful when he heard the outer door swish open and close but he still swore aloud. He had less than an hour to find the object. The ready room was next logical place to have objects displayed. He checked his sensor readings. There was no one in the ready room. He entered the coordinates and pressed his site-to-site transporter.


A moment later, he materialized in the ready room. After checking all the objects on display, he went through the cupboards. Still no dagger. Time was running out. There were two cargo bays to search. His sensors readings showed there were people in both of them.


He started to panic. His plans were falling apart. He had to think of something fast. The only thing he could do was go directly to the source to get the information. He checked the deck plan and found the location of the sensor control relays. Taking out his phaser, he pointed out in front of him and then pressed his transporter.





Marla held the relay in her hand as Nil locked it in place. They were concentrating so hard that they didn’t hear the transporter beam whine five metres away.


Toral quickly stunned them, watching them slump unconscious on to the deck, dropping a hyper-spanner with a bang. Where was the captain? She wasn’t in the Jeffries tube.


“Marla?” Kathryn poked her head into the tube after hearing a crash. She’d been in the tube junction area fixing the computer control system.


Toral turned toward the sound and instinctively fired hitting the captain in the left shoulder, spinning her around and cracking her head on the handle of the ladder that went between the decks before she landed face first on the deck plating. She was unconscious before she hit the ground. He grabbed the Bajoran’s and other female’s arms and dragged them to the junction area, dumping them unceremoniously near their knocked out captain.


He set the transporter beam to wide beam and beamed them all onto his ship. He wasn’t interested in the Bajoran or the other human female but they could be useful as a bargaining chip or to force Janeway to give him what he wanted.




Rong’s antennae twitched while Denel just shrugged when they saw the three unconscious bodies materialize on the pad next to Toral. They’d been mercenaries long enough to realize that plans often changed.


“There’s been a change of plan.” Toral already knew what he was going to do. He just needed a bit of time to do it. He hit his communicator. “Toral to Tral.”


“Yes, Toral.”


“Voyager’s internal sensors will be repaired soon. External sensors should take about three hours to fix. Stay alert.”


“Understood, Toral.” Tral had been a captain for hire for half his life and although he was a mercenary, he ran a tight ship. It was one reason why he’d survived for so long in such a dangerous business. He set about rechecking the cloak and the other ship’s systems again to be sure.


“Rong, beam Denel and hostages to the cargo bay then get down there. I’ll be there in a minute. Denel, when you get there, replicate two chairs. Tie the captain up in one and put the others behind a force field.”


“Yes, Toral,” they both answered.


Rong looked at the famous Starship captain. She was lying on her stomach, her head turned to the side. Blood flowed freely from a cut above her eye, covering that side of her face, and there was a nasty bruise spreading over most of her forehead. He winced because she was likely to have a very bad headache but that was the least of her problems. He didn’t even want to think what the Klingon was going to do to her to get what he wanted.


After they’d been beamed to the cargo bay, Denel replicated two chairs and hauled the still unconscious captain onto one of the chairs, tying her hands behind her and her feet to the legs of the chair. After Rong had arrived, they dragged the Bajoran and the other female to the back of the cargo bays and then set up two force fields to hold them in.


Denel double-checked the captain’s bindings and the force field configuration.


Marla groaned, and rolling over, opened her eyes. She had no idea where she was or what had happened. One minute, she was holding the sensor relay and the next she was waking up in this cargo bay with her head feeling like it had the day after her Academy graduation. She rolled the other way and saw Nil lying near her. She sat up too quickly. Her head nearly exploded but she grimly persisted. She’d been stunned. It wasn’t difficult to recognize the splitting headache and the painful tingling sensation of a stun shot in her back but despite this she started to crawl over to Nil.


“I wouldn’t do that.” Denel was watching the human. “There’s a powerful force field surrounding you.”


Marla stopped. The Klingon’s warning was clear and she obeyed. What the fuck was happening? Marla shook her head. She was still a bit groggy. Turning over she sat back against the wall and looked around the cargo bay. This wasn’t Voyager. At the other end of the bay, ten metres away, she gasped. It was the captain, tied onto a chair, bloody and bruised. The captain was unconscious. Had they beaten her up? It certainly looked like they had. And why had they beaten her? Would they do that to her and Nil? What did they want? Marla’s mind raced and she couldn’t take her eyes off her CO. The Captain’s head was resting on her chest and blood was dripping down her nose onto her lap.


“Prophets!” Nil moaned, rubbing his head and sat up.


“Nil, watch it. There’s a force field between us.”


“What?” Nil rubbed his face.


Marla pointed toward the captain and whispered, “Nil, the Captain…”


The Bajoran looked to where Marla was pointing. To Nil, Janeway looked like she’d been tortured. She was bruised and bleeding. “Bastards!” He jumped up, fists clenched. He walked as close to the force field as he could before the energy made his skin tingle and the hairs on his arms stood up.


“Nil …” Marla pleaded, standing as close to him as she could.


Denel walked over, his hand on his phaser.


None of them noticed that Toral had come in. The Klingon carried a large bag. “Keep them quiet, Denel.”


“Yes, Toral.” He smiled as his hand rested on his phaser threateningly.


Marla and Nil stopped and backed off toward the wall of the bay. All they could do was watch.


Nil began a prayer to the Prophets hoping to give all of them strength for what he knew was about to come. Unfortunately, he had first hand experience with torture from his time on Bajor with the Cardassians and in the Maquis.


Toral took out the medical tricorder and scanned Janeway. She had a bad concussion, head wound and a bad stun wound but she would survive. He had three hours to get what he needed and leave before Voyager could detect them. He took out a hypospray, injected a stimulant into her neck and waited.




Chakotay checked his console’s chronometer. It was 1520. He’d been expecting Harry to tell him that the internal sensors were functioning again. Kathryn had said that they would take an hour to fix when they’d had lunch. It had now been two hours since their lunch. It was possible that the relays were damaged worse than they first thought but it was unusual for Kathryn not to check in.


“Harry, what’s the status of the internal sensors?”


Kim checked his board. “Still not functional, Commander.”


Chakotay pressed his combadge. There was no harm in getting an update. “Chakotay to Janeway.”


Chakotay waited for a response but got none. It was possible that, with the damage, her combadge wasn’t working but in the back of his mind he thought something was wrong.


“Chakotay to Gilmore.”


There was still no response.


“Chakotay to Tabor.”


Again no response. Now he was worried.


They had no internal sensors so they couldn’t check their locations.


“Tuvok, send a security team down to deck ten, sensor control. Something isn’t right.”


“Aye, Commander.” Tuvok had already alerted the duty security team and they were on their way. Although Tuvok didn’t believe in intuition, after seven years, he’d come to trust the first officer’s instincts.


“Harry, what sort of external scans do we have?”


“Minimal very short-range only and restricted. Range is limited to five hundred kilometres. I could just tell you that there was a planet out there but not what type it is.”


“Scan the area anywhere.”


“Yes, Commander.” Harry watched as the scan data come up. They were in empty space as far as the sensors could tell. But that didn’t mean much as they were still virtually blind. “Sir, there’s nothing out there.”


“Ayala to Chakotay.”


“Go ahead, Mike.”


“We’re in the Jeffries tube. There’s nothing here except tools lying on the deck. We’ve searched the adjacent tubes.”  Mike paused, his friend wasn’t going to like what he was going to say next. “In the tube junction we found a pool of blood.”


Chakotay’s gripped his chair a little harder. “Whose is it?”


“The captain’s, Sir.”


Mike didn’t give his friend time to digest this information. There was still more disturbing news to tell his former captain. “Our tricorders picked up three phaser shots. Stun setting. Starfleet issue signature.”


Chakotay heard enough. “Intruder alert. Tuvok, search the ship from top to bottom.” He had a feeling that they’d beamed off Voyager but the only thing they could do was search the ship deck by deck. Why would Starfleet covertly take the captain away? All the messages from HQ they’d received had been positive. The Maquis had all been pardoned and even Kathryn’s breaches of the Prime Directive had been settled after they’d maintained contact via the MIDAS array. It didn’t make any sense.


“Yes, Sir.” Tuvok activated all available security teams and had as many available personal begin the search.


“Chakotay to the Doctor.”


“Yes, Commander?”


“Has the captain come to sickbay for treatment?”


“No, Sir.”


“All right. Get yourself to deck ten, sensor control. The captain is missing and her blood has been found on the deck.”


“I’ll be right there, Commander.”


Chakotay forced himself back into his seat; otherwise, he would be up pacing about making everyone else nervous. With the ship extensively damaged and virtually no sensors, they were blind. Anyone could beam in and out undetected. The question was why. Why target the captain and the others? What did they want? Chakotay’s fists clenched as his mind went off in a tangent, thinking of all the possible scenarios, many of them too horrible to contemplate.


“Mr Kim, put up the last tactical display from the Dundas.” He wanted to find out where the nearest ships were. Most of the nine ships that had been scrambled when the Borg sphere came through the transwarp conduit had returned to their normal patrol routes and were heading in the opposite direction to them. The closest ship was the Dundas but it was at least four hours away on a rescue mission.


Voyager was alone. They were used to that. He’d have to be patient and wait for the search to be completed which was something he wouldn’t get used to. Kathryn was missing. All his instincts told him he should be doing something but he was grateful that the first officer took over and allowed their well trained crew to do their jobs. Without sensors, Voyager couldn’t move anyway.




Kathryn’s head rolled as she woke up. She couldn’t see out of her left eye, it was swollen and closed shut. Her head was pounding, her shoulder felt like it was on fire, and nausea was threatening to overwhelm her. She groaned as she tried to focus on her surroundings. Shaking her head, she couldn’t work out why there was a Klingon sitting in front of her.


“Captain? Wake up.” Toral moved his chair closer, shaking her bad shoulder.


Kathryn winced at the contact. Still dazed, she tried to move her arms, to stop him touching her painful shoulder but they wouldn’t move. Everything was still fuzzy and it took a moment to realize that she was tied up.


“Captain Janeway. Wake up!” Toral repeated a little louder, slapping her face several times.


Still confused, Kathryn looked toward the voice. “Stop that! What?”


Toral had enough experience getting information from people to realize that torturing someone directly took far too long and was generally counter productive. Most victims were likely to resist with all their strength until they lost unconsciousness. As Janeway already had a bad concussion, she was more than likely to lose consciousness quickly thereby threatening her life and losing more time. Time which he didn’t have.


Toral would use the Bajoran and human as tools. Humans were weak and couldn’t stand to see someone tortured in front of them. She’d cave in quickly.


Kathryn focused on the voice in front of her. He was a Klingon in civilian dress. Over his shoulder, she could see another man, his back to her. Looking around, she knew she wasn’t on Voyager anymore. She knew her ship backwards. She remembered being in the Jeffries tube fixing the relay and then it was blank. By the burning feeling of her shoulder, she’d been stunned, more likely with a Starfleet issue phaser. “What do you want?”


“You have something I want.”


What could he mean? The technology? How did he find out about their technology? “What could that be?” Kathryn would try to get as much information out of him as possible to stall him. Although she didn’t know how Voyager was going to find them with their sensor not operational.


“Denel, bring the Bajoran over here.”


“Yes, Toral.” Denel turned off the force field while Rong had drawn his phaser to cover Tabor.


Kathryn groaned, her head throbbed, and it was becoming hard to concentrate again. She was so tired. Bajoran? She was getting confused again. She tried hard to concentrate. Who was it? Only when she saw Ensign Tabor did she realize whom the Klingon meant. Where was Gilmore? She wondered, looking around, then she saw her standing down the other end of the bay, and was relieved. They both looked okay.


Denel gripped Nil’s upper arm firmly and stopped in front of the Klingon.


Toral took out a pain stick from his bag and began to whack it lightly on his palm, trying to intimidate them. “This is an 'Oy'Naq.”


Kathryn didn’t stop looking at the Klingon. She knew what it was and she realized that Tabor did too.  The Cardassians had been fond of using Klingon pain sticks when she’d had the pleasure of their company but she was very proud of Tabor, as he stood tall and looked defiant. They both knew that the Klingon was going to use the pain stick on Tabor to get her to do what ever he wanted.






“The Doctor to Chakotay.”


“Go head, Doctor.”


“The blood is the captain’s. It appears the captain may have hit her head after she was stunned. A few of hairs were found mixed in with the blood. It looks like a minor wound. No alien DNA or other unusual samples were found.”


“Thank you, Doctor. Chakotay out.” He breathed a sigh of relief.


“Commander.” Tuvok had just received the news of the search.


“Yes, Tuvok.”


“All search teams have reported in. There is no sign of the captain, Ensign Tabor or Crewman Gilmore.”


Chakotay contemplated his options. There weren’t that many considering they still couldn’t move and they were still virtually blind. The priority had to be to fix the sensor relays, both internal and external so they could move again and search for the captain. “Chakotay to Vorik.”


“Vorik here.”   The young Vulcan was now the acting chief engineer since B’Elanna was out of action.


“The captain, Gilmore, and Tabor have disappeared. Redouble your efforts to fix the sensor relays. I need those sensors. Now.”


“Yes, Sir.”


“Do whatever you need to do, Chakotay out.” Chakotay sat back in his chair, forcing himself to relax. He’d done what he could. The crew were doing their jobs, working as quickly as they could but without B’Elanna and Kathryn, their engineering experience was limited. It was going to take time.


He looked at the view screen, trying to remain positive. Somewhere among the millions of sparkling stars was Sol. It was too far away for him to point it out. He snorted, Kathryn could probably find it from anywhere. She’d been waiting for this moment for seven long years.




Kathryn had said yes. They were going to make it official.


He should be very happy, even ecstatic but now he was worried sick.


Spirits! Don’t go there, Chakotay, he thought to himself. He shifted in his seat. Trying to distract himself, he activated his centre console and went through the damage report.


“Torres to Chakotay.”


“Go ahead, B’Elanna.” Chakotay hadn’t seen his friend since she and the baby had been released from sickbay. Miral was very beautiful and seeing Kathryn holding the baby in her arms, doting and obviously clucky, filled him with hope and joy that it could be them one day, holding their own baby.


“I’m down in long range sensors control. They’ll be operational in an hour.”


“What?” Chakotay stood up shocked. Only five days ago, she’d given birth to a beautiful girl.


“Tom’s looking after Miral. He can’t help Voyager until we can move but I can. I’m not crawling around in a Jeffries tube. I’m sitting down repairing the components in a nice comfy chair while my eager young ensigns do all the hard work of crawling through the tubes.” After the ship went to Intruder alert, Harry had filled them in. B’Elanna pleaded, “Chakotay, I want to help. Please.”


Chakotay still worried. They were so close to home. He didn’t want to lose anyone. “What does the Doctor say?”


 “As long as I’m sitting down, which I’m doing, and not lifting anything heavy, which I’m not, then I’ll be fine. Miral is sleeping and shouldn’t need to be fed for another three hours. The captain …” B’Elanna stopped, her voice choking with emotion. She cursed her fluctuating emotions. Captain Janeway was like a second mother to her. She had to do something to help. “Please Chakotay, let me do this.”


Chakotay stroked his chin. Voyager, Kathryn, and the others needed Torres. “All right, B’Elanna.”


“Thank you. Vorik is handling the shields and the warp drive and Seven should have the internal sensors up soon.”   


“Thanks for the update.”


“Okay, Torres out.”


Chakotay sat down again. Repairs were going ahead and soon they’ll be able to get under way. The only thing left for him to do was to contact Starfleet. “Harry …”

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