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Title: Moment of Truth - part two
Author: Pook
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Rating: NC-17
After Endgame, what happens to our favourite command couple after their first week of debriefings
Character/Pairing: Janeway/Chakotay
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Author’s Notes: Written for Skyspirit, for the VAMB Steamy Summer Mark II 2007
Her request:
"I want some good steamy sex between our favorite command team, post end
game.  I don't mind baby fic but it is not necessary and the following two
lines have to used somewhere in the story:
1. "I've never wanted anything more than you and your sexy smile."
2. "I know that I wasn't meant to walk this world without you.”

Prompt Number for fic101:  list 2 - 99 - lights
Disclaimer: CBS/Paramount owns everything. No infringement intended.
Date: 22/8/07



In the dark, Kathryn woke to the wonderful sensation of being spooned. Chakotay’s arm draped over her, holding her close. She’d always loved this position. The warmth, love and security felt amazing. She sighed and nestled back into his firm body. It was nearly midnight so she closed her eyes and relaxed, hoping to go back to sleep.

Chakotay felt Kathryn move in his arms. He did a quick double check to make sure this wasn’t a dream. It really was Kathryn, naked, lying in a bed with him. They really had made love. Although he was a little embarrassed that he’d let his lust and want for her overwhelm him, taking her fast and hard on her sofa. It had been all that he’d hoped it would be and more and he struggled to find the words to explain how he felt. But the next time he planned to take it slow to explore all her body, kissing her and caressing her before slowly making love to her. Just the thought of giving her pleasure made him hard and ache for her.

And she felt it too. Her hips tilted back gently, rubbing against his growing length. His fingers brushed over her nipple and it hardened immediately. When Chakotay kissed her neck, she moaned with pleasure. It was amazing how quickly she became aroused just by his touch. Tingles spread all over her body and then they focused on her groin. She was on fire.

Chakotay leisurely explored her breasts, feeling their weight. His thumb flicked across her pert nipple while his fingers circled over the soft flesh. He moved into the valley between them and feathered along the underside of one before cupping the other. He softly kissed her shoulder and neck. His only thought was pleasuring the woman beside him.

Kathryn sighed. His slow caresses were like sweet torture. He was gradually stoking the fire that he started, building it up, bit by bit. She was putty in his hands. She put her arms over her head and allowed him to do what he wanted with her.

He rolled her onto her back and he lavished long slow kisses on her pert nipples. His hands roamed over her stomach and thighs. It was too dark to see her face but Chakotay could feel her squirm and hear her moan with delight.

His fingers ran over her thighs and Kathryn responded by opening her legs.

Chakotay moved further down the bed and in between her legs. He could smell their previous joining and her arousal now. His finger played with a nipple while he nipped and kissed his way along her inner thigh toward her centre.

Kathryn groaned in anticipation.

Chakotay heard the guttural moan and wanted more. His tongue ran over her dripping lips. Her body jumped and she gasped. Chakotay didn’t give her a chance to recover. His tongue and fingers explored her lips and clit, feeling her pulse.

She was so close, shuddering with every sweep of his tongue over her throbbing nub. The tremors made her body jump and arch. She felt his fingers slowly move inside her and her inner muscles grip around them. When his tongue found her clit for the final time she climaxed, quivering, groaning and then thrashing about. All her muscles tensed up as she rode through her climax, her fingers gripped the sheets tightly.

His hand held her stomach firmly until her body suddenly relaxed. He could still feel her twitch around his fingers. Reluctantly, he withdrew them as he listened to her breathing return to normal. He moved back up and lay beside her; a hand gently lay across her stomach while she recovered.

Kathryn floated on a cloud of pleasure and sighed. Chakotay had taken her to paradise so quickly and easily. And she loved it all and him. Now it was time to return the favour. She rolled onto her side and kissed him passionately. Her kisses moved down his neck as her palms kneaded his chest, teasing his nipples.

She swung her leg over to straddle him and snaked down his body. Her hard nipples scrapped against his skin.

He could feel her damp curls leave a trail as she made her way down his body, kissing, caressing and nibbling. He closed his eyes and amazed at the wonderful feeling of her slick folds running over his penis. Chakotay groaned in ecstasy. Her teeth nipped around his belly button. Her chin nudged at his now weeping head. Spirits! She was going to do what he dreamed of so many times. All those dreams were about to come true. His penis twitched in expectation as he spread his legs. 

Her nose ran through his tight curls and her cheek rubbed along his length. Her tongue licked all over, paying particular attention to the rim around its head. Her small hand fondled his tight sac and a thumb ran along the sensitive tissue behind it. She enjoyed his responses, his deep groan, how his penis jumped and twitched and how his hips rolled toward her, wanting more.

It was time for more. Her mouth licked around his seeping head and then she slowly took him all the way in then withdrew. One hand held his long length and firmly ran up and down in time with her mouth. Her other hand kneaded his chest.

Chakotay’s hips undulated in time with her ministrations. His hands gently rested on her head, holding her there as she moved up and down his penis. Her tongue and mouth sent shivers all over his body. But soon he was getting close and although he would like her to bring this to a completion, this was all still very new and he wanted to come inside her. “Please, Kathryn. No more. I need to be inside you.”

She couldn’t refuse him and rose up after a final kiss on his penis. She slinked up his body and sank slowly on him, taking him all in. Kathryn moaned at the sensation of him filling her up. She couldn’t get enough of this incredibly satisfying feeling. She lay down on him, his arms wrapped around her, holding her close, heart to heart. Their hips began to rock slowly in unison, both enjoying their intimate union.

She burrowed her head into his neck, kissing and nibbling at his neck and ear, whispering how wonderful she felt, what he was doing to her and how much she loved him.
            Their tempo was lusciously unhurried, both content to let this last for as long as they could.

His hands roamed over her back until they stopped at her hips, guiding her as they moved together, pushing him deeper into her.

She responded almost immediately, tensing around him and moaning into his ear. Her control was nearly lost. On the one hand, she wanted to sit up and ride Chakotay hard and fast but for now she relished their slow love making.

She loved how his hands skimmed over her skin causing her muscles to ripple and her skin to tingle all over as they doing now. She loved how they fit so well together and synchronised so quickly. She loved how they knew what they other wanted. She loved his deep throaty groans as she tightened around him. She loved seeing his face tense up and his erection lengthen just before he came just as he was doing now. She loved him, pure and simple. “I love you, Chakotay.” She loved just saying his name.

Chakotay grunted, gasped and bucked, coming in long spurts inside her, filling her completely.

She loved the feeling of giving him pleasure and satisfying him. She kept repeating that she loved him in between kissing him tenderly while he recovered.

Kathryn rolled off him and lay next to him.

“I love you.” Chakotay kissed her shoulder. “Hmm … Kathryn.” His hand wandered down her stomach. He wanted to have her come with him but his orgasm had taken him by surprise.

She stopped his hand. “It’s okay. Just hold me” He made her feel amazing before so he had nothing to apologize for. She just wanted to lay with him now.

They rested in each other’s arms until sleep took hold of them again.




Late the next day


Kathryn felt the shirt material. “This feels funny.”

“What does?”

“Wearing clothes.”

Chakotay laughed. They hadn’t left her stateroom at all. In fact, they’d barely left the bedroom, spending most of the time making love, cuddling and talking or sleeping. They were like two teenagers, not able to take their hands of each other. But they decided to go out for dinner, so they needed to get dressed.

Chakotay adjusted his jacket. “How do I look?”

Kathryn picked off a stray hair. “Handsome.” She kissed his cheek. She smiled to herself that Chakotay would look fetching in anything, even in one of Neelix’s colourful outfits.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes. Let’s go.”

Hand in hand, they walked to the Transporter station and were beamed to the nearby Marina Green. They hadn’t wanted to eat in the mess hall with all the other Starfleet personal. They wanted to get as far away from Starfleet as they could considering that San Francisco was a Starfleet town. They picked a small café overlooking the bay that was well away from the tourist crowds at Fisherman’s Wharf and had a pleasant meal.

After their meal, they walked to the water’s edge arm in arm and looked at the Golden Gate Bridge lit up against the clear night sky, shining a calming orange. The lights of the city twinkled off the water and the only sound was the rhythmic slap of the waves against the boardwalk. It was beautiful.

Kathryn couldn’t remember feeling so relaxed. Maybe the wine had something to do with it but she knew it was not only that. It was the wonderful, patient and generous man with his arm around her who loved her and that she loved him. It was not being in uniform. That red and black uniform and the weight of those four tiny gold pips and all the responsibility and pressure that went along with them had nearly killed her.

There were things she would do differently if she had the chance again. She’d made mistakes and people had been hurt or even died because of them. Her gaze shifted from the bridge to an island in the bay. Alcatraz. The buildings were illuminated and a search light every now and then would shine off the rocks. It was part of a tour. She could see the boat going out to the island for an eerie night tour. It is said that the ghosts of prisoners walk the halls and can be seen in their cells.

Her thoughts drifted back to her Board and its likely outcome. She wasn’t optimistic of a favourable result. At the very least, she would probably never captain another ship or could even be demoted and at the worst, she could face Court Martial and prison time. Had she been born in another time she may have ended up there on that island in a small barren cell. Instead of Alcatraz, there was a distinct possibility that she could end up in the Starfleet Penal Settlement in New Zealand.

She swallowed hard and her stress and tension rose. She stepped away from Chakotay, wanting to collect her thoughts but failed. Tears welled up in her eyes. She should be happy that they were together but all she could think of was how Chakotay would take being apart, of what would happen to the crew, of what her family would think and a million other things that went through her mind. The irrational seeds of doubt had been planted in her mind. Her heart had been broken too many times that it would completely shatter if Chakotay moved on if she was given a long sentence. Oh God, she cried, what a mess! 

Chakotay felt her tense up but he allowed her the space she needed. Only after a minute or two, did he come up behind her. “Kathryn?”


Kathryn’s head dropped and a tear fell down her cheek. She felt his presence behind her. He understood her, giving her time. She loved him so much. “Oh … Chakotay…” She hesitated, her voice cracking with emotion. “Do you think I’ll end up in New Zealand?”

Chakotay stood next to her, glancing at her. Her teardrop slowly dripped down her cheek and it nearly broke his heart. He joined her in looking out across the bay as he thought about their Board and knew that it could be a possibility. Anything was possible. He realized that he’d never seen her so vulnerable but he wasn’t going to tell her what she wanted to hear. He hadn’t done that for the last seven years and he wasn’t going to start now. “It’s possible. Anything’s possible.” He took her hand in his, gently squeezing it. “But whatever happens, I want to be with you where ever that is. Don’t ever doubt that, Kathryn. I love you.”

Kathryn smiled and stepped into his welcoming arms. “Thank you, Chakotay.” His large arms wrapped around her, holding her close. She sighed when he kissed her hair and all her irrational doubts disappeared. They were replaced by her scientific mind trying to work out a solution to the problem of how they could be together. It didn’t take her long to find the solution. There was really only one.

She would resign immediately from Starfleet. Even if they didn’t court martial her, her career in Starfleet was effectively over. She seriously doubted that she would ever get another ship to command. Even she was, they couldn’t be together. Chakotay couldn’t serve as her First Officer. It would mean a desk job. After her treatment by admirals on her Board, the thought of just shuffling padds didn’t excite her.

By resigning from Starfleet, she would stop the Review Board and she would still receive her entitlements for her long service. And Starfleet would be pleased. A Court Martial would ruin their well-crafted image of her and Voyager as returning heroes. Another benefit for resigning was that she would be under no obligation to do any PR work that Starfleet would insist she do.

Kathryn wrapped her arms around his neck and stared into his dark eyes. She wondered if she could express how wonderful it felt just to be held by him. The look of love in his eyes filled her with so much joy.

Chakotay saw Kathryn’s expression change, gone were the tears and uncertainty as she smiled that crooked smile of hers and there was a glint in her eye. She’d made a decision and she was pleased with herself. If they’d been on Voyager, he would say it could mean trouble because she was about to drop a bombshell.

Kathryn pulled him closer to her and she kissed him thoroughly. When they broke apart but she still held his hands. “I’ve made a decision.”

“I know.” He grinned. “The only thing you didn’t do is play with your combadge.”

Kathryn laughed. This was why she loved him so much. He knew her so well, perhaps even better than she knew herself. She squeezed his hands. “Are you ready for it then?”

Chakotay wasn’t worried. He’d already followed her to hell and back. He would go wherever she took him. “Yes.”

“I’m resigning from Starfleet. My career is over. I just want to be with you. Wherever you are is where I want to be. I love you.”

Definitely a bombshell, Chakotay thought. Starfleet was her life. She’d always been a fighter not a quitter. Kathryn had overcome so many heartaches to rise to the top of her profession. A lesser person would have crumbled. He expected her to fight a bit more but maybe after seven years of hardship, toil and unrelenting pressure she was just as tired as he was and was looking for a quieter life as well.

He’d also been thinking about resigning, unsure of his future in an organization that still might think he was a traitor. Even if stayed in Starfleet, he knew he couldn’t serve under anyone else but Captain Janeway. It just wouldn’t seem right and he had doubts that Starfleet would have them on the same ship again anyway. If that was so, then he wouldn’t want to be apart from Kathryn either.

And now all she wanted to do was be with him. His heart overflowed with happiness at the thought. They were quite a pair. Both had just declared that they would go with the other wherever they took them and they loved each other. He thanked the Spirits for her, for their love and for finally bringing them together.

Chakotay gathered her back in his arms and slowly and passionately kissed her. Their bodies ground against each other and he felt the first stirrings of arousal. He cupped her face, his thumb caressing her cheek while he looked deep into her blue pools. He couldn’t imagine not being with her even for a day. “I know that I wasn't meant to walk this world without you.”


She knew it too. They belonged together. She smiled brightly at him, gesturing toward the path. “Let’s walk then.”

They walked arm in arm, along the marina, past the tidal marsh and onto the promenade that led to the base of the Golden Gate Bridge. Along the way they talked about their plans for the future until they reached the Warming Hut where they grabbed a coffee and enjoyed the spectacular views of the bridge from the Torpedo Wharf then they requested a beam out back to their quarters.


Chakotay had just enough time to throw his jacket on the couch before Kathryn kissed him. After sharing several passionate kisses, Kathryn took Chakotay by the hand and led him to her bedroom. Their clothes were quickly shed and they tumbled into bed. Their lovemaking was joyous, wild and free, kissing and caressing, changing positions quickly, giving and receiving and learning more about what the other liked.

Kathryn gently pushed him off her and rolled over onto her stomach. She rose up on her knees and elbows. She’d always loved this wanton position. Chakotay had taken her to the edge of her climax so many times then pulled back that now she was becoming frustrated in the nicest possible way. Looking over her shoulder, she issued perhaps her final order to him. “Finish it, Commander.”

Chakotay smiled wickedly, happy to oblige. “Your wish is my command, Captain.” He sidled up behind her. He took a moment to marvel at her sexy body, her firm ass jutting up at him with her dripping centre ready and waiting for him. It wasn’t an act of submission but a sharing of herself in the most intimate way. He took his slick hard penis and rubbed it against her nether lips, teasing her.

Kathryn moaned softly.

Chakotay held her hips and slowly drove himself into her. He felt her inner muscles tremble around him and he groaned with pleasure. He established a slow tempo and one that Kathryn matched, pushing back. He leant over her, kissing her neck while his hands roamed over her stomach, grazing through her damp curls to tease her pearl and then back up to gently squeeze her breasts.

Her nipples hardened immediately. She didn’t think it was possible but her pleasure increased when he pinched her nipple. She needed more and she let out a guttural plea, “Harder … please.”

Again he obeyed. He sat back up driving himself harder into her and pinching her nipple even harder. His balls slapped against her.

It didn’t take them long to reach the edge again.

Kathryn felt the start of her climax deep within her. All her whole body tingled. It happened so quickly and it was unstoppable. Her muscles tightened around him. She threw her head back, her hands gripped the sheet as hard as she could and pushed back firmly against him. She groaned deeply and yelled out his name as her glorious climax tore through her in a blinding flash of pleasure.

He shuddered at the power of her orgasm. Her pulsing inner muscles triggered his release. After a few more thrusts, he came in long spurts with a deep throaty moan. He collapsed on top of her, panting and gasping for breath. His arms wrapped around her, holding her close while they both recovered.  

Kathryn sighed. His hot, sweaty body and strong arms were like a warm cocoon, surrounding her. It felt wonderful. His hands caressing her stomach and breasts lightly while their breathing calmed down. Whenever his thumb ran over her nipple she would judder and twitch in the afterglow of her orgasm.

When he slipped out of her, she was slightly disappointed. She didn’t want to lose their most intimate connection.

Chakotay moved off her, lay down and then gathered her in his arms, kissing her tenderly. “I love you.”

Kathryn just couldn’t get enough of him saying those three words to her. For the first time in a long time, she felt completely relaxed and sated. “Chakotay, I love you.”

They continued to caress one another until they both drifted off to sleep.




STARDATE: 55067.28


FROM: Captain Kathryn Janeway

  Service number: 51-delta-143

  Commander, USS Voyager


TO: Admiral Farmer,

       Director of Personnel

       SF Headquarters, San Francisco


CC: Admiral Craig,

       USS Voyager Senior Officer’s Review Board, Chairman

       SF Headquarters, San Francisco


       Captain Bruce,

       Personnel, OC Retirement Department

       SF Headquarters, San Francisco









1.                   Effective immediately, I am tending my resignation as per the above reference. See attached form.


2.                   Any further communication should be forwarded to my NOK, Gretchen Janeway, Bloomington, Indiana.


Kathryn Janeway, Captain

Commander, USS Voyager



Kathryn reread the memo. It was very short and to the point. She didn’t feel the necessity to embellish it or give an explanation. She was entitled to do it this way and so she did. The only Starfleet admiral that deserved an explanation was her old mentor, Owen Paris. And she would do that later on today.

She put her thumb print on the appropriate place to sign off on the memo. All she had to do now was to send it off. She looked at the send button but hesitated. She wondered what her father would think. This Starfleet was so different to her father’s Starfleet and the organization she so idolized as a child. A near disastrous war had done that. She hoped that her dad would understand and be happy for her.

Chakotay read his very similar short retirement memo. The only difference between his and Kathryn’s was his name and the addition of a new NOK form. Admiral Craig would be pissed but then Chakotay thought most of Command would just be glad to see the back of them.

He put his thumb print to it and sent it off and then looked up to see Kathryn looking at the padd, deep in thought. Was she having regrets? He hoped not but she was practically born in a black jumpsuit. Starfleet was in her blood. He walked over to her and asked softly “Kathryn?”

Kathryn heard his concern in his voice. As he touched her arm, any lingering doubts disappeared and she was convinced being with Chakotay was where she wanted to be. She pressed the send button on the padd and then turned to face him with a warm smile. “All done, Chakotay.”

Chakotay hugged her, wrapping his arms around her. He was happy.

“I love you.” Kathryn kissed him tenderly then broke apart and picked up her bags. “Let’s go, Chakotay.”

They headed for the Transporter station.




Chakotay and Kathryn walked up the stairs to the front door and dropped their bags on the porch.

Kathryn reached for his hand and squeezed it reassuringly. “Are you ready for this, Chakotay?”

He was a little nervous but if he could stare down a Gul or a Vidiian, he could cope with this. He smiled and pinched one of her favourite lines. “Let’s do it.”

She grinned back and then rang the door bell.

The door opened and Gretchen Janeway was shocked, not because her daughter was standing at her front door unannounced but because Kathryn was holding hands with her first officer, both obviously happy and very much in love.

“Mom, this is Chakotay. We need a place to stay …”


The End


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