Jul. 25th, 2009 06:33 pm
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I've procrastinated enough and decided to fill this in after being  "tagged" by [info]shayenne

Lots of pillows or just one?

What kind of books do you read?
British crime fics - Val McDermid, Ian Rankin, Reginald Hill and Stuart MacBride.  All great writers. Stuart's Logan McRae series is dark and funny. I've never laughed and nearly thrown up the next minute so much

What are your most awesome skills?
Tennis - backhand, backcourt uber-sliced come drop shot  - usually spun sideways - Warnie would  be proud. And my wicked left foot free kicks. My surgery skills - if only I studied harder at high school

What's your occupation?
Vet School subject practical writer

What's really creepy?
What lives under my DD#1's bed

What's your current fandom/obsession/addiction?
Voyager and British crime - both books and TV  - any show -  ie New Tricks, Waking the Dead etc

What flavor ice cream would you choose right now?
Choc mint

What websites do you always visit when you go online?
VAMB, Gmail, UofA, WTD, BBC world news

What was the last thing you bought?
X lotto tickets

What was the cutest thing you've seen today?
DD#2 singing a song

Do you get cravings? If so, what do you crave?
Coke - the drinking kind

What do you do to change your mood?
Hug my girls and pat the dogs

What is your zodiac sign?

Do you want to learn another language?
No - 2 kids = 2 placentas = no brains left

Five things you can't live without.
Mr Pook, DD#1, DD#2, dog#1 and dog#2

What's something you'd like to say to someone right now?
Who roped me into being in all these meetings? Yuk.

What are you looking forward to?
A holiday. Anywhere

Say something to the person who tagged you:
Since I've been slack - and my f list is small - I'm sure everyone would have answered.

Thanks Shay and everyone else.

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