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Title: A Special Delivery
Author: Pook
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Rating: NC17
Written for Delta's Birthday. Delta wanted a sequel to a ‘Moment of truth’ so this is it – sort of. It’s a PWP sandwiched in between bit of silliness.
Character/Pairing: Janeway/Chakotay
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Author’s Notes:
Special thanks to Elem and Audabee for the beta. Please use this website if you need any translations of Aussie-isms to Normal English:




Prompt Number for fic101:  list 2 - 101 - Dance
Disclaimer: CBS/Paramount owns everything. No infringement intended.
Date: 10/11/07

The names have been changed to protect the not so innocent …




Year: 2378


Four figures dressed in black, yet stylish, commando suits were finally able to relax. They stood up, groaning and creaking after been huddled behind the fence for just over two hours waiting for the inhabitants of the house to leave.


The mozzies had been buzzing around their faces, driving them troppo but fortunately the Vegemite smothered on their faces not only blackened their skin, but also protected them from the blood sucking insects. It also had the added bonus of making their cheeks rosy as well.


 “Strewth! I thought they’d never leave,” said Shazza. Sometimes though, when she was mad as a cut snake or like now, very anxious, she was also called Barbie Wire because, you didn’t want to tangle with her. She was a woman of action and all this waiting around was making her very toey.


“Cor Blimey! My shoulder!” Kim rubbed her arm, removing her heavy backpack. “It’s buggered.” Kim was the caterer. All the essentials were in her backpack - Vegemite, Violet Crumbles, a good South Aussie chardonnay and a six pack of Toohey’s Old beer. She knew that if they got stuck here in this time-line, at least they’d survive, well for a short time anyway. But she did have to disguise the Vegemite as shoe polish because they’d found out that it had been banned by the Federation nearly a hundred years ago. She laughed to herself. Her better half had scoffed saying she couldn’t organize a piss up in a brewery. Hah! She thought. This’ll teach him.


“Stone the crows! My dodgy knee….” Kath struggled to get up but she wouldn’t give up because this was her idea and wanted to see it through. And like Shazza, she wanted to get back home. Australia was playing the bloody diving Italians again in the football World Cup and she wanted to scream at the idiot box and then run around the house, waving her t-shirt over her head, when the Green and Gold beat those damned diving Azzurri.


“Keep your shirt on! We’re nearly there.” Yet again, their resident Sandgroper demonstrated that she was the voice of reason and the brains of the group. She wondered if they were all a bunch of wusses and whingers. With a flourish, she whipped out her tricorder to confirm that there was no one home.


“This will be so noice but yewse better get a move on!” Kath and Kim said together. They didn’t have much time as they’d all chucked a sickie to do this.


Being the techno-wizard, Shazza made sure all the equipment was functioning properly and up to what that dag Ferengi, Zog, had said it would do when they’d met him in a pub. She didn’t trust Zog any further than she could throw him, which was long way as she was also the star athlete of the group. Seven margaritas, a slab of beer and several Oo-moxi had been a small price to pay to get the latest stealth technology from Zog.


Shazza nodded to the Sandgroper. They were all set. The two brains of the group rushed over to the house while Kath and Kim stayed back by the fence, keeping guard.


“Crack open the cardonnay, Kim.”


“No wukkers, Kazza.”  Kath and Kim enjoyed their wonga while they waited.



The locked door and the internal security system were no match for the Ferengi Commerce Authority’s profit increasing system technology. Shazza and the Sandgroper entered quickly and went up the stairs, heading for the bedrooms. The sign on the door indicated the right one.

The mother lode was in a wardrobe right in front of them. If they wanted to be greedy and take it all, they could all be swimming in moolah but that would be asking for trouble. By only taking a few items, they hoped that the clothes wouldn’t be missed and therefore not attract the attention of the Time Police. They were only here just to find the perfect gift for their friend.

Shazza and the Sandgroper took the blue sun dress, red shirt and brown leather vest and matching leather pants from the closet and put them into the backpack. They quickly left the house and met up with Kath and Kim by the fence.

Sandgroper and the others were tickled pink that everything had worked out so well. They then made their escape back to their ship.

The only clue that they’d been there on Earth at that time was a momentary distortion in the space-time continuum as the artificially generated graviton matrix that surrounded their ship produced a blip on sensors as it disappeared back to their own time. The Sensor technician at Starfleet HQ dismissed the reading as either a flock of low flying geese or a weather balloon.


Year: 2378

Kathryn and Chakotay rematerialized in front of her family home. They looked at each other and then burst out laughing.

Kathryn and Chakotay had taken her mother along to a celebrate Chakotay’s birthday at a café. After a wonderful, relaxed dinner, Gretchen had given Chakotay his present.

Gretchen’s gift had been a bit unusual. It wasn’t the usual socks, jocks or ties. In fact, there hadn’t been any sign of colourful paper at all. She’d just told them that she’d arranged to spend the next few days at Phoebe’s home. She’d added that she was happy for them and had hoped that they would both really enjoy her gift.

When they’d both looked horribly confused and/or embarrassed, Gretchen had to practically spell it out for them what exactly she’d meant by her gift. She’d shaken her head and had said to them, that for two supposedly intelligent people they could be incredibly dense.

Gretchen was leaving them alone at the house so they could have sex.

Chakotay had been a little shocked at the knowing smile on Gretchen’s face and Kathryn’s face had turned a nice shade of red but Gretchen had understood their problem and had made plans to leave them on their own for a few days.

Gretchen hadn’t meant to stifle them but she’d soon realized that sleeping in the room next to your mother’s hadn’t really been conducive for them to be overly romantic especially when the relationship was as new as theirs. She’d been young once and remembered wanting to make like the rabbits, but couldn’t, because she and Edward were staying at her parent’s home for a weekend.

It had been a wonderfully thoughtful gift and, although a little embarrassing, Chakotay wasn’t going to waste it. He’d missed making love with Kathryn.

Even though they’d been sleeping together, they’d felt somewhat constrained in their nocturnal activities as they both tended to be very vocal when aroused.

Chakotay took Kathryn’s hand and led her inside. He stopped in front of the landing and wrapped his arms around her neck. His hands ran gently through her reddish hair, tucking a wayward strand behind her ear as he studied her face. He sighed contently then pulled her closer, kissing her.

Soon their bodies were grinding against each other as their kiss deepened. Fingers combed through hair and wandered over each other, rubbing here and there. Those same hands eventually loosened their clothing and then ran over bare skin as their mouths continued to be locked together in a seemingly never-ending passionate kiss. Every touch only aroused them even more.

Breathless, they parted for a second, their lips red and flushed.

It had been a long five days. They’d only cuddled because Kathryn’s mother had been next door. But now the gloves were off. Now that they were alone, their need for each other exploded.

“Would you like your birthday present now or later?” Kathryn’s voice was deep and thick with desire.  

“Hmmm …. Later.” Chakotay wrapped her in his arms again, kissing her and then moved down her neck, gently nipping along the way. He stopped to pay special attention to the sensitive spot by the crook of her neck. “I’ve got other things on my mind now.” He scooped her up in his arms and raced up the stairs.

After fumbling with the door to their room, he tossed her on to the bed. He wanted her, right now. Pulling his shirt over his head, he didn’t bother with the buttons. That would have taken too much time. He then kicked off the rest of his clothes.

Kathryn’s clothing went the same way as his - onto the floor, in a mess. When she saw him naked, proudly erect with his gorgeous caramel skin, her heart raced and she felt her pelvic muscles contract. She licked her lips in anticipation.

Chakotay couldn’t take his eyes off of her either. Her soft breasts with their wonderfully erect and aroused nipples were just waiting for him to lavish. Oh Spirits! His beautiful, sexy lover and soul mate lay there naked, ready, willing and just waiting for him. His erection twitched and stiffened more at the prospect. Kathryn hadn’t touched him yet but he was so close already. Her eyes were raking over him just as his were over her. For a second he couldn’t move. He was transfixed.

“Come here.” Kathryn’s sultry voice broke through the spell. She wanted him. Now.

Chakotay slid up her body, kissing and blowing softly over her skin along the way. He smiled with satisfaction at her goose bumps, her trembling muscles and her moans as he made his way up her supple body. And when he reached her breasts, she jolted. His tongue licked and teased a hardened nipple while his hand kneaded her other pert mound. Her groans of pleasure only fuelled him more, wanting to take her higher and higher.

When his erection nudged at her opening, Kathryn spread her legs as wide as she could.

He tilted his hips and teased her by running his achingly hard length along her lips as he still lavished her neck.

She closed her eyes, basking in the amazing feeling of his body covering hers, his incredible assault on her neck and his penis teasing her. “Hmmm …that’s so good,” she moaned, incapable of anything more articulate.

“Kathryn …” Chakotay whispered as he nudged her head to fall to one side, allowing him to find that sensitive spot behind her ear. He knew he found it when she groaned even louder.

She kissed him passionately, their tongues fighting for control as her fingers ran through his short hair. Her hands then meandered all over his back and down onto his ass. When his penis came close to her hot tunnel, she pushed down on his bum and at the same time, her hips rose off the bed, driving him all the way into her.

Both gasped at their deep, intimate connection. They didn’t move for a few moments, enjoying the feeling of being together as one. Her inner muscles pulsed around his erection.

“Oh … Kathryn.” He looked into her half slitted eyes. Her love and her desire for him were there, plain to see. “I love you.”

Kathryn smiled. She couldn’t get enough of him saying her name in that deep sexy voice of his or of him saying that he loved her. “I love you so much.”

They began their intimate dance slowly at first, finding a rhythm and synchronizing easily as they knew they always would and then building up, ever quicker and quicker.

Wrapping her legs around him, Kathryn was losing control fast. He gave her so much pleasure that she was barely able to keep up the tempo. She was just trying to hang on now, riding a wave of ecstasy.

Chakotay spoke words of love into her ear, both in Standard and in his native tongue. Those words in his native language sounded wonderful and even though she didn’t understand them, they somehow filled her heart with joy. His words had the desired effect, sensing the undeniable and unstoppable stirrings of her climax begin deep within her. Her inner muscles contracted around him and her fingernails dug into his back as she tried to hang on.

Their breathing became ragged along with their thrusts and they both grunted and groaned with the effort.

“Oh … my …I love you …” Kathryn yelled into his ear as her mind-blowing orgasm hit hard and fast. She bucked her hips off the bed and then writhed underneath him, riding out the supernova of pleasure.

Her muscles gripped him tightly and he continued to drive powerfully into her, hoping to drag out her orgasm as long as possible but he knew he wouldn’t last long. He’d been using all of his control just to hang on until Kathryn had reached her bliss. After a few more strong thrusts and with a loud final grunt, he came too, spurting, long and hard into her.

Chakotay collapsed on her, their bodies hot and sweaty. They were gasping for air, breathless from the effort.

Kathryn could feel his heartbeat pounding against her breast. He hadn’t moved and now he was a dead weight on her but she didn’t mind. Their love was all so new and she couldn’t get enough of him. It was the little things that fascinated her; like seeing his muscles move underneath his bronze skin and so much more. She continued to caress his back, soothing him as she said softly, over and over, into his ear that she loved him.

Eventually, Chakotay’s breathing calmed and he was able move again but he didn’t want to. Kathryn was still softly patting him as he came down, telling him that she loved him. His heart soared at how much she’d already given him. She’d given him her heart and chucked in her career to be with him. He couldn’t remember a time when he’d felt happier. Chakotay whispered into her ear, “Love you, Kathryn.”

“I know.” She kissed his ear.

Chakotay rolled off her and pulled the quilt over them. He then gathered her in his arms.

She nestled into a broad shoulder - her leg resting on his leg and her hand lay across his chest. They both felt more content than they’d ever been and soon a peaceful sleep took hold of both of them.


Year: 2007

The birthday girl’s husband looked up from reading the newspaper and watched as a USPS truck pulled up outside their house. “Darlin’!  Here’s another one.”

Delta rushed down the stairs. This day was getting better and better. She’d already received so many terrific gifts and cards from all over the world. She opened the door just as Stan the USPS man was about to ring the door bell.

Stan had already been to this house in Oklahoma City twice this week. She was one lucky lady to get so many presents from all over. “Sign here please, ma’am.”

Delta quickly signed her autograph for Stan and then took the large box from him. When she read that it was from Australia, she raced back up the stairs. Her first thought was that it was a year’s supply of Violet Crumbles and Tim Tams. Yummy! But if it was the famed Australian chocolates and biscuits then she had to keep them away from her hubby and her family.

She opened the box and ripped off the paper wrapping. She was dumb struck – agog even. Lifting the blue dress out of the box and with a huge smile grew on her face she decided this was her best ever birthday.


The end.


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